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Why CoolArts?

CoolArts connects artists and art-lovers and offers a great variety of artworks. Our database is full of creative art from young, up and coming artists.
In a first phase we’re focussing on the following forms:

Photography, illustration, graphic design, painters, streetart, graffiti and tattoo-art.

Artworks can be bought as originals, fine-art prints, posters and as canvas-print.

Our goal is to create a simple access to art, so this creative world is open to everybody.
We believe a piece of art enhances your life everyday.



Registration and the upload of your artwork is free.

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If you sell one of your artworks, the splits are the following:

Artist 60%

CoolArts: 40%

Please read the complete Terms & Conditions.




Sale of originals and fine-prints

A customer can buy your original artwork but also a fine-print of it. You can decide if you want to sell only originals, only prints or both.

Following you can find some information of that process.


Courier service and exhibition partners

Customers, before buying original artwork, obviously want to see it.

We’re cooperating with courier partners, so we can send your original artwork to a customer (at customers expense).
We're also contacting different locations, where artists can exhibit their originals.

Professional photographs of your originals

To be able to sell high quality fine prints of your originals, we recommend to have your artworks photographed by professionals.

Find below some of our CoolArts photographers that will shoot your artwork for fair prices:

Information comig soon.


Contact and support

As an artist you can reach us here:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +41 41 422 01 34

We love to hear from our artists!


Some of your questions might be answered in our Artist-FAQ.

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